B-Sight GPS football tracker.

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Get the maximum value with the first ever tracking system with sensor feedback and optional semi-automatic training process.
Capture your training and match data from every session, track your progress and achieve your sports goals with the wearable B-Sight tech.
Up to

8.3 %

max speed
B-Sight tracker allows you to measure and analyze more than 18 key metrics, including heart rate, explosive efforts, metabolic power, high speed accelerations.
Up to

40 %

X efforts
Up to
25 %
Up to

63 %

injury risks

The sensor measures and transmits data in real time with maximum accuracy. All necessary data is captured in real-time reports. GPS data offers you a unique ability to unlock your maximum potential.

Manage and Optimize Your Workload
Everything you need to organize effective and safe training process.
B-Sight GPS tracker
Installed behind the back the device allows you to receive a stable GPS signal and avoid damage to the device or injury to the athlete.
The sensor detects up to 500 movements per second and gives reliable data you need.
Modern, compact design with multifunctional LED display will complement your style.
Easy to set up and start workouts immediately after turning on the system.
Easy Start
All analytics, workout patterns and coach advices in your smart phone.
All In One
The System notifies you of the injury risk if the process is not optimal.
Beсome part of a community of players like you.
all captured data in your app.

Save and analyze your results. Captured metrics include Distance, Max Speed, Load, Acceleration and lateral imbalances, Heart Rate etc.

A wide range of monitored parameters allows you to find new growth points as any football star does. You can use trends to track the changes daily as well as weeks, monthly and yearly.
Follow the results of other users and demonstrate your own success.
Set ambitious goals and achieve outstanding results day after day.
Are you inspired enough to take on the challenge?
do you Want to improve yourself?
Get the maximum value with B-Sight tracking system.
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